Faline is one of the main characters of the 1942 Disney animated feature classic, Bambi. She is childhood friends and the main love interest of Bambi.


She is a young doe who is more playful as a fawn, but more mature as a young adult.



Bambi is the main protagonist of the film and is Faline's main love interest.


Ronno is the main antagonist of Bambi and is a rival to Bambi for Faline's affection and attention.


  • Faline is the first love interest of the main character to have known him as a child, separated for a long time, and reunited with them when they are older, the second being Maid Marian and the third being Nala. Prince Phillip may or may not count, as Aurora was just an infant when he met her, and she was not really grown-up (only sixteen) when they reunited.
  • Faline is similar to Zoey as both are deer and both are the love interest of the protagonist and the protagonist's rival (for Faline it was Bambi and Ronno whilst with Zoey it was Rudolph and Arrow) but both are more interested in the protagonist and eventually start a relationship with them. However unlike Faline and Bambi, Zoey and Rudolph don't have children together.
  • She was voiced by retired actress Ann Gillis (who was fifteen years old at the time she voiced the latter) as an adult, and as a doe, the late Cammie King (who was famous for playing Bonnie Blue Butler from the Academy Award winning 1939 classic, Gone with the Wind'' ), and later Andrea Bowen in the midquel.