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A fan Prefered Couple is a TV Tropes term which is basically fanshipping. it refers to two people in media that fans want to become a couple but it doesn't happen usually because it isn't the official couple.  This is also the only page in the entire wikia that will welcome fanshipping.

Famous Examples of Fan Prefered Couples

Katara/Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender:  This pairing is actually so popular it was even referenced in the episode "The Ember Island Players."

Robin/Raven from the Teen Titans Animated Series:  On, there are thousands of stories that get these two heroines together.  Also Beast Boy/Raven however, even though they don't get together in the series, they were a couple in several comics.

Ben/Gwen from the Ben 10 franchise:  Despite it being incest, this is actually a very popular pairing.

Jenny/Brad from My Life as A Teenage Robot: It was confirmed if the show had continued, Jenny would have gotten together with Sheldon, even though many prefered her with Brad.

Tommy/Kimberly from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:  Though they were an official couple, when Kimberly left and had Kat replace her, she broke up with Tommy with a letter.  Then they show a future where Tommy marries Kat. A LOT of fans were outraged.

Penny/Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory:  Despite the fact this will never happen, many fans saw opportunity of this pairing to happen when Penny and Leonard break up in the third season.

Sora/Riku from Kingdom Hearts:  Though Sora is in love with Kairi and vice-versa, many like to see Sora with his best friend, Riku.

Sakura/Sasuke from the Naruto franchise:  Despite his betrayal and the fact he tried to kill her, this fan pairing remains popular with tons of AMVs, fanart, and fanfiction. Upon the end of the series, this pairing became canon.

Thrall/Jaina from the Warcraft franchise:  Ever since the Burning Legion's invasion of Hyjal was thwarted, Jainna and Thrall became good friends to the point where fans thought the two would get together.  However, their hopes were dashed when Thrall fell in love with Aggra in the Cataclysm expansion of World of Warcraft.  Blizzard is aware of the fan pairing and when you grab a White Punch Card in Dun Morogh, it says in binary, "Thrall and Jaina sitting in a tree.  K-I-S-S-I-N-G" as a joke.

Stiles/Lydia from Teen Wolf: Stydia is one of the most shipped couples in the Teen Wolf fandom despite never actually dating, they have shared multiple kisses. Stiles was dating another girl, Malia, and all of the Stydia fans were very angry with Stiles and Lydia not dating yet. Creator of the show, Jeff Davis, says that Stiles and Lydia will be what the sixth season of the show will be revolved around making fans very, very happy.

Your pairings

The area of the page is the only spot that will be completely opinion based.  Since many fans have their own FPC,  this section will be allow you to share your thoughts,  however, there are some rules.

  1. You must make your own heading, do not post your opinions in someone else's heading.
  2. This area is entire opinon based.  If someone likes one idea of a FPC, do not criticise them.  Just because you don't like it doesn't mean someone else does.
  3. Try to give a reason why you prefer the couple.
  4. Do not mess with other users' headings, or you will get a one month ban.

DisneyVillain's FPCs

DJ/Katie from Total Drama Island:  Before the first challenge, DJ tried to tell her the challenge couldn't be too bad.  But how wrong he was and it would only get worse from there.

Brick/Anne Maria from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island:  When Jo called Brick dead weight, Anne Maria got disgusted with her and said that while he isn't much to look at, he's still a person.

Tyranno Kenzan/Rei Saotome (Tyranno Hassleberry/Blair Flannigan in English dub) from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:  The two were partners in a tag duel against Judaii Yuki and Asuka Tenjoin (Jaden Yuki and Alexis Rhodes in English dub). I also saw a fanfiction story with the two and got hooked.

Brian/Stewie from Family Guy: Stewie has often times tried to seduce Brian and most of the time I wanted him to succeed.

Kiba/Hinata from the Naruto franchise:  He has shown a protective attitude towards her when she was a part of his team.

Wrathion/Any Mortal in the Warcraft franchise:  Wrathion is the only black dragon not corrupted by the Old Gods and unlike his father, DeathWing, Wrathion holds a deep respect for mortals, thus it should make sense for him to marry a member of the mortal races, whether it's a member of the Horde or Alliance.


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