Fay is the love interest of Tony Twist, the father in the Australian TV series Round the Twist


Fay is the local school teacher. She frequently finds herself being sucked into the various misadventures the Twist family find themselves in. Despite this, she's one of the few genuinely decent characters in the series that isn't connected with some supernatural element.


Tony TwistEdit

The widowed Tony found himself smitten with Fay, though his shyness usually kept him from being little more than her friend for the first three seasons. Bronson, the youngest Twist, frequently acts as Tony's wingman. Fay seems to like Tony because of his pure heartedness and devotion to his somewhat bizarre family.

Each season has Tony grappling with proposing to Fay. She has said yes each time, though for unknown reasons they are never shown planning a wedding in the next series (presumably financial). In Series 4, Fay is pregnant with Tony's child, whom the Twists decide to call Ariel.

Ralph SnapperEdit

Snapper is one of the teachers at the local school. He's interested in Fay, but Fay obviously doesn't like him too much due to his somewhat snippy attitude towards others.

When Snapper found a book full of love poems that would enchant whomever heard them being read, he used them on Fay, who then fell in love with him. Tony was heartbroken, but when Bronson found out Fay's favourite flower, he told his father to give them to Fay, who was able to resist and eventually break the spell.

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