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to impress his father (succeed) To find Claudette (succeed)

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Fleet is a supporting character in the Alpha and Omega movie series and is the love interest of Claudette, the only daughter of Kate and Humphrey.



In Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games, Fleet and Claudette have romantic feelings for each other. Fleet first meets Claudette when he saw her do the spin out, complementing it, he also asks for her to cheer for his team. Claudette is seen looking into his eyes for a moment. Soon after she finds a team, he is still impressed with her spin out. Claudette feels bad for him after she watches his father yell at him. When they have to face each other in the wolf games 2 on 2 They are seen before the games flirting with one another. during the games they wait for each other and talk with one another. Soon Claudette successfully teaches him the spin out as they both cross the finish line together tieing. In the end they are seen walking away with each other having a conversation. Alpha and Omega: Family vacation In start of film Claudette is feeling lonely, but next she meet her love- Fleet. She's very happy when she see he. Runt starts teasing Claudette for her love to Fleet. Fleet went with Brent and Agnes are going to look for Claudette. Fleet say's "Claudette is gonna be with me for the rest of my life " and Agnes say's " He's Claudette's boyfriend". When they try hug each other Humphrey stops them and takes Claudette in his paws gives her a hug instead. Fleet appears again in Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom.