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Francesca is the love interest of Zak Gibbs from the 2002 film, Clockstoppers. She is played by Paula Garces. She is also his girlfriend. After Zak discovers the watch and freezes time, Francesca discovers what Zak has done. She and Zak were on the run, locating the hotel that Dr. George Gibbs was going to stay and Zak is unable to reach his father in time. She and Zak wander the streets before being picked up by Earl Dopler. Dopler helps Zak and Francesca to get the watch back. After Zak accelerates in Hypertime and becomes light, they manage to break out as the NSA Agents arrive and defeat Gates' goons, but Gates is not defeated and knocks her out of hypertime and prepares to do the same to Zak and his father. After Gates is shot by a paintball, by Dopler and Gates reverting to normal time to defeat him, Dopler manages to reverse the effects of hypertime and changing him back into a teenager. By the end of the film, she and Zak sped off in his car as they began dating and Zak retains the watch to go into hypertime to have some fun.

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