Gandra Dee

Gandra Dee is a character who was introduced in the second season of the TV series DuckTales. She is Fenton Crackshell's love interest.

She was voiced by Miriam Flynn.

Role in the seriesEdit

She first appeared in the "Super DuckTales" special as the receptionist in Scrooge McDuck's bean factory. Fenton wanted to invite her out, but didn't dare to do it. Near the end of the special, he finally dares to. She answers that she was expecting him to ask her out someday. From then on, they began dating.

It is later revealed that Gandra studied advanced robotics in school, enabling her to control a gigantic mantis mecha. She explained her eclectic choice with "The nail-polish class was full...."

Darkwing Duck comicEdit

Gandra Dee's only appearance in any comic book was in the DuckTales/Darkwing Duck crossover story arc "Dangerous Currency".


  • Her name is a pun on actress Sandra Dee.

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