Gia is a character in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, and the girlfriend of Alex the Lion. She is a female jaguar and is voiced by Jessica Chastain.


In the film, she is a performer for Circus Zaragoza. She acts as a moral compass for the circus and protects her friends but also opens them up to new experiences. She is the one who allows Alex and his friends to board the circus train to escape from Captain Chanel DuBois and her men. Alex and his friends lie about being circus performers, and she tries to convince Alex to teach her to do trapeze. She ends up doing a trapeze act with Alex, which they call "Trapeze Americano."

Eventually, she and the rest of the circus find out that Alex and his friends lied about being circus performers. She is heartbroken by this and the two parties go their separate ways. Later, however, when she finds out from the penguins and King Julian that DuBois had captured Alex and his friends, she and the rest of the circus rush off to rescue them.

In the end, Alex and his friends stay with the circus, and so presumably, she and Alex get back together.
Alex and gia madagascar 3 by mskitti3-d4triyx

Alex and Gia doing their trapeze act together

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