Gia Moran

Gia is the girlfriend of Jake Holling from Power Rangers: Megaforce and Power Rangers: Super Megaforce.  

Her StoryEdit

She is one of the five adults to be chosen by Gosei to save the world from the Warstar Aliens.

She first fights alongside her team against Scaraba.

She and Jake flirted with each other and saw Alien ships capturing humans. She and Jake had to follow them.

In Super Megaforce, Jake saves her from falling off the sky ship while finding Anamaria, showing that he has feelings for her.
Jake saving Gia from falling off the sky ship

Jake saving Gia from falling off the sky ship to return his feelings to her

Gia also returned her feelings to Jake after she, Jake, Orion and the other rangers defeated Skeltox. After the final battle with the Armada, she kisses Jake on the cheek showing that she loves him.

The presumably start dating after they defeat Emperor Mavro

Gia and Jake Super Megaforce last scene

Gia about to kiss Jake to show that she loves him in the last scene of Super Megaforce

She is shown to have a crush on Jake for the entire season.

She is also best friends with Emma Goodall.

Screenshot 20180731-101722

Gia in "Legendary Battle"


Gia giving Jake a kiss to show that she loves him