Gina Mudclaw is the love interest of Farmer Yoon that made her debut in the World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria.  She is also the manager of the Halfhill Market, a member of the Tillers Union, and the Quartermaster of the Tillers faction.

When Haohan Mudclaw, the head of the Tillers Union and Gina's father, asked to buy Sunsong Ranch, Yoon's farm, as he is a city-paw, Yoon instead asks to to join the Tillers, only to get laughed at.  Yoon becomes determined to join the Tillers Union and teaches adventurers to grow fruits and vegetables.  He then tasks the adventurer to give Gina a Marsh Lily (The only time you can give a Tiller a gift until you reach 90) and speak with her. 

Once the adventurer has given Gina the Marsh Lily, she says the market is low on scallions and asks the adventurer to grow some.  After the adventurer gives her five scallions, she becomes the first member of the Tillers Union to cast her vote to make Farmer Yoon a member.

Once the adventurer becomes best friends with Gina, she has carpenters build a mailbox on Sunsong Ranch.

There are two major hints that show the two like each other:

  1. Once the adventurer has become best friends with Gina, the adventurer can ask her to work at the ranch.  She agrees and admits she's taking a liking to Farmer Yoon.  She always stands by his side while working on the farm.
  2. The farming daily, A Pumpkin-y Perfume had Farmer Yoon hear a rumor that Gina loves the smell of pumpkin blossoms and asks the adventurer to plant some Mogu Pumpkin Seeds, hoping she'll come around more often.  Once planted, he said he'd play the waiting game, but admited to sounding creepy.

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