Glen moments before his death.

Glen Lantz was the love interest of Nancy Thompson in the original Nightmare on Elm Street film. He was played by Johnny Depp in his first movie role.

In the film, he is, along with Nancy, a student at Springwood High being terrorized by Freddy Krueger, a demonic undead serial killer that had years before killed 20 children before being killed by the parents of Elm Street. After his death, his evil spirit began stalking the Elm Street children in their dreams. When he kills them there, they die for real.

Nancy asks him to help wake her up if she gets in trouble but he also falls asleep and Nancy is almost killed. Nancy gets upset with him but forgives him. When Nancy pulls Freddy's hat to the real world, she and Glen come up with a plan to bring him to the real world and get him sent to jail. However, Glen's father forbids him to see Nancy, thinking she is a bad influence. The two get grounded in their rooms. Glen is no longer able to stay awake and falls asleep. Freddy then pulls him into his own bed, regurgitating a large amount of blood that splattered onto the ceiling. Freddy then uses a phone and tells Nancy, "I'm your boyfriend now," letting her know he has killed Glen. Nancy is able to bring Freddy to the real world though and after making him trigger several booby traps, including one that set him back on fire, she defeats him by taking back all the fear she gave him, but not before he kills Nancy's mother. At the end of the film, Glen and everyone Freddy killed are alive, but it ends up being a trick set by Freddy, trapping everyone in Glen's car ending the film.

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