Hank was the love interest of Nora Baker from the 2003 comedy film, Cheaper by the Dozen. He is played by Ashton Kutcher. He is also her self-absorbed boyfriend. He is first seen refusing to go visit Nora's family with Nora because the last time they visit, Nora's youngest siblings set his pants on fire, but he agrees after Nora begs him to come. After he and Nora arrive, the younger Baker children trip him and land him in the pool. While Hank's clothes are about to be put in the dryer, the younger Baker children soak his underwear in meat and allows the Baker's pet dog, Gunner to attack him and Hank gets chased by a lot of neighborhood dogs as Nora storms out of the Baker house and leaves with Hank. He is last seen focused on seeing himself on television as Nora gets a call that Mark Baker is missing and Nora tells Hank that they have to join the search, but Hank refuses to go because he wants to continue seeing himself on television causing Nora to dump Hank and joins the Bakers on the search for Mark without Hank.