Helen is one of Christopher Thorndyke's closest friends and love interest. Helen was born with a condition that restricts her to a wheelchair and has spent much of her life.

Her personal Edit

Helen is a young girl who, despite being confined to a wheelchair, thrives for adventure.

She showed very little fear when Sonic pushed her chair faster then anyone else and carried her higher then she's usually used to going.

She's a very kind and considerate person. She also has a huge love for flowers and enjoys catching lizards, snakes and bugsmuch to her friend Danny's disgust.

Her personality is a little more outgoing in the scenes shown of her six years later. She acts more sarcastic and is a bit more excitable when speaking with Chris.

She turned out to excel in the field of science along with Chris. It's speculated that Chris is the better of the two when it comes to their field but she made it clear that she was the one better at driving.