Henry (right) with Fern (left) in the 2006 film.

Henry Fussy is the love interest of Fern Arable in E.B. White's book Charlotte's Web (though it may seem confusing as he is fond of her too).

Henry's stepmother is revealed in the 1973 film, and she is always shown to be extremely disappointed in him for holding Wilbur (because of him being a pig) and hating the latter, and for spending another day with Fern at her uncle Homer Zuckerman's barn (because she said he was only allowed to visit), as this kept his piano teacher waiting for a period of time.

Later, Henry looks for Fern when he finds out Wilbur, being known as "Zuckerman's Famous Pig", is at the fair, and he buys two tickets (one for himself and one for Fern) to ride on the Ferris wheel.

Henry is voiced by William B. White in the 1973 film and portrayed by Julian O'Donnell in the 2006 film.

So far, there has never been a picture of the animated Henry Fussy, only a picture of the live-action Henry Fussy.

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