Hermia is a character in the Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. She is the love interest of Lysander. She is also a love interest for Demetrious the beginning of the play.

This play, is the classic story of everyone is in-love with the wrong person. Hermia is betrothed to Demetrious. It is unknown if Demetrious wanted to marry Helena because he thought she was pretty, or if it was because she was rich. However, he did not truly love her. 

Lysander truly loved Hermia, and she loved him back. However, due to her engagement to her Demetrious, the two could not be together. To make matters more complicated, Hermia's friend Helena also loved Demetrious, but he did not love her back.

Lysander and Hermia eventually decide to run away with each other into the forest, so they could be together. Unknown to them, Helena and Demetrious are also in the forest for other reasons. A fairy decides to use magic to maken Demetrious fall in love with Helena, but the fairy accidentally makes Lysander and Demetrious fall in love with her, which causes Hermia to become very jealouse. Complications arise, and pretty soon, the four iconic characters are trying to kill each other.

At the end of the night, the fairy makes things right by taking away the spell on Lysander which made him love Helena. Lysander soon goes back to loving Hermia, and when the four get back to civilization, Lysander and Hermia can finally be together, because Demetrious now loves Helena. 

Lysander and Hermia have a big wedding to celebrate their marriage.