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Hiroko Kino is the classmate of the ojamajo. She at first suffered from the trauma of an accident she was involved with while riding her bicycle.  She is the possible love interest of Dai.

Biography Edit

Hiroko is a cute girl who besfriends Dai Morikawa when he helps her get over her fears of riding bikes

Appearance Edit

Hiroko is a light-skinned girl with big, dull brown eyes. She has long brown hair matching them that is worn in pigtails held by thin, pale pink bands. She wears a light pink blouse with white lining on top of a white skirt that has a slit at the center in the front and back. Underneath this layer is a dull, dark pink skirt. She also wears short white socks and a pair of dull lavender flats with tiny bows at the tongue of each shoe. 

Personality Edit

Hiroko usually portrays a cutesy atmosphere and is very nice and helpful. She always stands up for what she believes to be best and tries to do what she can. She really loved to ride her bike until an accident occured, but once Dai helps her get over it, she goes back to enjoying bicycling

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