Holly Jollimore
Holly Jollimore
Holly Jollimore is a hottie girl.


February 13, 2004



First appearance:

agk and his great prince part 2

Last appearance:

Agk goes to ihop

Voiced by:

Tegan Moss

Holly Jollimore is a character in Casper's Haunted Christmas, a 2000 film. She is nice to Casper but hates the Ghostly Trio. She lives in Kriss, Massachusetts with her parents, Carol and Noel. She is voiced by Tegan Moss.

Appearance Edit

She has tan skin, brown eyes, dark black hair and a black beauty mark.

Personality Edit

She is nice, beautiful and kind. She is lovely and nice to Casper but not the Ghostly Trio. She loves Casper and that's why she is friendly just like Casper. She is obsessed with Christmas, her favorite holiday and that's why she likes it.

Relationships Edit

Casper Edit

Holly is now friends with Casper because she wanted him to be the "bestest" friend.

Poil Edit

She likes Poil. In the film, it is where Poil meets Holly and became friends.

Spooky Edit

She likes Spooky because he is her friend.

The Ghostly Trio Edit

She doesn't like the Ghostly Trio and hates them alot. She thinks that the Ghostly Trio are obnoxious.

Thomas healy Edit

She loves Thomas healy and a loved. are so hot.

Trivia Edit

  • She loves Christmas, her favorite holiday of all time.