(Taken from the TV Tropes website)

Despite what the cynics may tell you, there is more to being a love interest than standing around and looking pretty. Depending on your gender, to become a love interest you must follow a series of steps that will guarantee you the favour of the main protagonist*

For the LadiesEdit

  1. Be the first one he lays his eyes on
  2. Have red hair
  3. Be a cheerleader
  4. Greet him in the most cliché manner possible (i.e. "bump" into him and apologise, then introduce yourself)
  5. Let him catch you in a state of undress
  6. A sucker punch never hurt anyone!
  7. Be hostile around him and act horrified at the thought of being in a relationship with him
  8. Give him his First Kiss
  9. Tell him you were childhood friends who promised to get married one day
  10. If he's really muscular, be a Damsel in Distress
  11. Attract danger/bad guys etc. Anything to make sure he protects you
  12. Call on a higher power to elimiate the competition
  13. Lose the glasses
  14. Get some glasses
  15. Be intellectual
  16. Get a degree
  17. Be a geek
  18. Take up martial arts...
  19. ...or not, if he's insecure about his strength/fighting prowess etc.
  20. Sustain an injury. But try not to catch a disease or die. If this is too scary, just cough a little
  21. Don't be too eager
  22. Offer to teach him how to dance
  23. Have a duet
  24. Sing
  25. Pretend to be a guy. He'll love that!
  26. Be a guy
  28. Be of a different nationality. As long as you're white, it'll work!
  29. Proclaim your love before your love-rival can. Make sure to wait for the opportune moment though. Instant-love confessions are creepy!
  30. Disguise your gender and help him fight some bad guys. When you've beaten them all, reveal yourself as a woman

For the GentlemenEdit

  1. Ladies love leather jackets
  2. Be a brooding, antisocial type with a soft interior
  3. Be the exact opposite of #2. You'll attract a higher class of woman
  4. Be thin and pretty
  5. "Accidentally" cop a feel
  6. "Accidentally" catch her in her underwear
  7. "Accidentally" see her naked/undressing
  8. 5-7 at the same time
  9. Be a sex-pest. But a sex-pest with class
  10. Call on a higher power to eliminate the competition (yes, the gods don't discriminate on that one)
  11. Teach her how to play a sport
  12. Rescue her
  13. Be her bodyguard
  14. Go topless
  15. Swear off women and love
  17. If she's an amazon of a woman, be weak and vulnerable
  18. Wipe away that piece of food clinging to her face
  19. For black guys:
  • Grow an afro
  • Shave your head
  • Don't be a zany sidekick
  • Be a figure of authority
  • or failing that, the main antagonist, deuteragonist or tritagonist.

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