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Love Interest

Full Name

Ichigo Kurosaki






Student, Soul Reaper


Immense spiritual energy, has mixed spiritual heritage allowing him to learn numerous powers.




Protect the living at all costs

Type of Love Interest


Ichigo Kurosaki is the protagonist of Bleach.

Orihime is show to have a crush on Ichigo in the beggining of the series but it later develops into a one-sided love, where she gets jealous of Rukia being close to him, and before being taken away by Ulquiora she comes into Ichigos bedroom to say her one goodbye and to confess her love to him while he sleeps. She almost kissed him but thought better of it and stopped herself. Later when Ichigo lost his powers Orihime reverted back to her school girl crush on Ichigo.

Rukia is the character most shipped by fans with Ichigo. When they first met it was hate at first sight but it quickly became a strong friendship and before she was taken back to the Soul Society there were hints on romantic feelings between them and throughout the series they continue to have that special chemistry, and they fight like an old married couple. At the end of one of the anime episodes Ichigo and Rukia are married by Captain Ukitake. Following that was a calendar released and named: Honeymoon.

Relationship with OrihimeEdit


Orihime Fantasized about Ichigo

For the most part, Ichigo is fairly indifferent to the idea of love. He cares about Orihime, though this is mainly because of his innate urge to protect people and also she is one of his friends. Orihime seems aware that Ichigo may never see her as more than a friend, but she stays on good terms with him and often fantasizes about Ichigo. There have been instances where Orihime has shown a 6th sense regarding Ichigo, such as the time his body was possessed by a rogue soul, implying that her attraction to him might be on a deeper level than previously thought. However, Orihime also shown her envious side when she acknowledges his relationship with Rukia not only as a friend, but as a special relationship. She admitted her jealousy to Uryu Ishida and she also tearfully admitted that she is jealous of their relationship to Rangiku Matsumoto. Ichigo not knowing Orihime very well, he just only knows that she has a deceased brother who got help by Isshin when he got into a car crash when he was going to work. Orihime doesn't know ichigo well either, only knowing him through Arisawa Tatsuki.

Hints of Romantic Interest with Rukia Kuchiki Edit

  • After Rukia decided to leave real-world because she was forced by Renji and Byakuya, Ichigo was shocked over Rukia's decision and was sad because he failed again to save someone.
  • Ichigo decided to go to save Rukia by himself and Urahara agreed with his decision and he helped ichigo to prepare to go to soul society
  • Ichigo wonders if someone notices Rukia's disappearance. But no one does and he figures that this is a shinigami thing, since he was new to the idea of death gods and how they work.
  • Ichigo turned into a hollow to defeat Ulquiora but hurt Uryu and Orihime in the process, however during the fight with Ouko, when Ouko tried to kill Rukia even in his fully hollofied state he protected Rukia, potentially meaning that Ichigos inner hollow realises how much influence she has on Ichigo to the extent that it will protect her with it's life.
  • Ichigo was determined to save Nozomi at first only because he wanted to make up for not being able to protect Rukia from Aizen.
  • On many occasions Rukia stops his rain.
  • Rukia is not afraid of Ichigo's hollow even though she knows he hasn't gotten complete control of it.
  • Rukia was in love with Ichigo's previous incarnation named Kaien, but he was married and his wifes soul was destroyed by a hollow and after a hollow took possession of him she killed him. He said that he would leave his heart with her, and Ichigo seemed to be closer to her than he should've been during the SS ark.
  • When Ichigo lost his powers all he thought about was the Soul Society and Rukia, however if anyone ever brought he up he would deflect their comments with indifferance. He also dreamt of Rukia often.
  • When Rukia was mortally wounded during the mission to save Orihime, Ichigo stopped in his tracks and turned around to go and save her (even after Chad and Uryu's spritual pressure was dimminished) knowing that she told him not to worry about her during the mission. However after being taunted by Ulquiora he turned to fight him.
  • Most of Ichigo's inspiration comes from Rukia.
  • In a lot of ways Ichigos relationship with Rukia resembles Isshin's relationship with Misaki.
  • Ice-skating is usually a romantic hint in anime and Ichigo took Rukia ice-skating before the fireworks started in a nearby amusement park.
  • Rukia told Ichigo during his last fight with a hollow before he lost his powers that if he hes hurt she will help him, that if he cant fight she will fight for him, and that if he is in pain that she will share his pain. Her words were ironic in that they sounded a lot like wedding vows you have to take to be married.

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