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Love Interest

Full Name

Ichigo Kurosaki






Student, Soul Reaper


Immense spiritual energy, has mixed spiritual heritage allowing him to learn numerous powers.




Protect the living at all costs

Type of Love Interest


Ichigo Kurosaki is the protagonist of Bleach . He is a love interest of Orihime Inoue and Possible love interest of Rukia Kuchiki .

Even Orihime is the most always shown a sign that she is crush of him, many fans believe Ichigo also have hint of romantic interest with Rukia , although its indirectly unlike Orihime

Relationship with OrihimeEdit


Orihime Fantasized about Ichigo

For the most part, Ichigo is fairly indifferent to the idea of love. He cares about Orihime, though this is mainly because of his innate urge to protect people and also she is one of his friends. Orihime seems aware that Ichigo may never see her as more than a friend, but she stays on good terms with him and often fantasises about Ichigo. There have been instances where Orihime has shown a 6th sense regarding Ichigo, such as the time his body was possessed by a rogue soul, implying that her attraction to him might be on a deeper level than previously thought. However, Orihime also shown her envious side when she acknowledge his relationship with Rukia not only as a friend, but have a special relationship. Which she admit it to Uryu Ishida and she also tearfully admit she jealous on their relationship to Rangiku Matsumoto. Ichigo knowing Orihime very little, he just only know that she have deceased brother who ever help by Isshin when he get a car crash when he go to work. As well as Orihime also knowing Ichigo very little , and she know about him from Tatsuki Arisawa.

Hints of Romantic Interest with Rukia Kuchiki Edit

Agent of Shinigami Arc Edit

  • After Rukia decided to leave real-world because she was forced by Renji and Byakuya, Ichigo was shocked over Rukia's decision and was sad because he failed again to save someone.
  • Ichigo decided to go to save Rukia by himself and Urahara agreed with his decision and he helped ichigo to prepare to go to soul society
  • Ichigo wonders if someone notices Rukia's disappearance. But no one does and he figures that this is a shinigami thing, since he was new to the idea of death gods and how they work.

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