Ikki Kurogane is the main protagonist of the anime, manga and light novel series, Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Ikki is an F-Rank Blazer due to his lack of magical powers. However despite his lack of magic, Ikki possesses great strength, skill and knowledge. He is also the main love interest of Stella Vermillion and later becomes her fiancé.


Despite all the hardships and cruelty Ikki has gone through in his life, Ikki is kind and caring. He is polite and respectable towards anyone he meets and almost always remains calm, cool and collected whenever he is in a tough situation. Ikki has common sense and a good head on his shoulders, knowing when not to engage in a fight and doesn't break school rules, knowing the full consequences. Ikki is also helpful, shown as when Ayase approached him in help to improve her swordsmanship, Ikki happily agreed to teach her. Ikki is always willing to help a friend in any tough situation even if they have wronged him, but gives them to prove how sorry they are and will still continue to help in any way he can. However, whenever Ikki is in a tough and personal situation regarding his family or the harassment he receives, Ikki hides his worries with a smile to not let others worry about him. In regards to the harassment Ikki receives, Ikki isn't blind, aware of their intentions and thoughts, believing he's wasting his time. However, Ikki doesn't let their views affect him as he continues to prove himself to others around him who doubt his skills.


Family Outcast and InspirationEdit

Ikki is a member of the Kurogane family which have produced powerful Magic Knights for generations and is the grandson of one of the most famous Magic Knights, Ryoma Kurogane. However, upon discovering Ikki was a F-Rank Blazer, his family immediately believed him to be a failure and thus treated Ikki as if he doesn't exist. Worried about their family reputation and image being damaged in the eyes of the public, Ikki's family believed he was an embrassment and forced him to never work on swordsmanship alongside his other family members and isolated him, never even setting a place for him to sit during family celebrations. While Ikki has a poor relationship with most of his family, he shares a close bond with his younger sister, Shizuku. She is the only member of the family who treats Ikki with kindness and respect and is disgusted with how their family treats him.

Ikki endured their behaviour towards him for most of his childhood. However, during a New Year's celebration, Ikki could no longer handle the cruel environment and surroundings within his home and ultimately decided to run away. However, Ikki soon found himself in trouble as he became lost in a severe snow storm and had no where to go. Ikki came close to death and was ready to accept his supposed fate, but cried out in frustration. However, much to Ikki's surprise, his grandfather, Ryoma Kurogane had found and rescued him. During that time, Ryoma encouraged Ikki that he could do anything, that he could be strong if he set his mind towards his goal. Ever since, Ikki was greatly inspired by his grandfather and took his words to heart that he could become strong. Eventually, Ikki had left his home and went to live on his own and at some point, began to attend Hagun Academy a year before the main plot to the story.

First Year at Hagun AcademyEdit

However, Ikki still faced serious problems as many of the students had harassed and bullied him, mainly Shizuya Kirihara who once tried to expel Ikki by challenging him to a duel, although Ikki refused, aware of Shizuya's intentions. Aside from the harassment from the students, Ikki's family was one of the main problems Ikki had to dealt with as the school was forced and pressured to fail Ikki as he wasn't allowed to particate in fighting classes. The original headmaster of the academy, under orders from Ikki's family, created a system to evaluate a Blazer's ability to take part in classes. Since Ikki's magic level was low and there being no system to evaluate his physical and sword skills, Ikki failed ultimately forcing him to repeat his first year at the academy.

Despite his treatment and hardships, Ikki worked hard throughout his years as he grew more stronger and skilled. Ikki proceeded to learn swordsmanship, martial arts, physical fitness etc, and while he was deprived of chances to prove himself to others, Ikki never stopped believing in himself despite all his struggles, hardships and obstacles. Ikki also gained allies such as his teacher, Yuuri Oreki as she helped Ikki to enrol at the academy. Ikki also had the support of the new Director, Kurono Shinguuji as she fired every teacher who were responsible for holding Ikki back when she became incharge. Kurono also promised that if Ikki won the Seven Stars Sword Art Festivial, he would be able to graduate from the academy.


Stella VermillionEdit

Stella & Ikki EP1

Ikki and Stella meeting each other for the first time.

Stella Vermillion is Ikki's main love interest. When Stella and Ikki first met they didn't get along as Ikki had accidently walked in on Stella, changing in their room, either of them unaware that they had become roommates. Ikki tried to make the situation fair as he tried to make everything even between him and Stella and removed his own clothes, but had only further worsened the situation. Stella was completely enraged and embrassed of the incident, Ikki apologised to Stella, assuring he would take responsibility, but soon realized that Stella's demands were unfair and unreasonable. Ikki soon began to defend himself as everything was an accident and was never intended, believing Stella's demands were uncalled for, while pointing out that she exaggerating. However, Stella was only more angered, believing Ikki was perverted and nearly attacked him, but began to calm down when Ikki revealed he only thought she was beautiful when he first saw her, causing Stella to blush. Although, Stella had calmed down, she still retained most of her anger and upon finally discovering, she and Ikki are roommates, Stella again tried force Ikki to follow unreasonable rules. To help settle the matter, Ikki and Stella agreed to engage in a mock battle to help sort through the issue, but on Stella's condition that whoever lost would become the winner's servant. Stella continued to show hostility and eventual arrogance towards Ikki, upon learning of his F-Rank as a Blazer, even trying to convince him to quit altogether.

Stella & Ikki E1 (3)

Ikki and Stella reconcile and become friends.

However, much to Stella's surprised, she realized she was wrong about Ikki as she witnessed his great strength and skills and was more surprised that he managed to defeat her. Stella began to respect and admire Ikki after their duel, even apologising to him after learning some of his history at the school and her earlier behaviour. Ultimately, Ikki and Stella made piece with their issues as Ikki had kindly ordered Stella to be his roomate to which she agreed and they became friends. Eventually, Ikki and Stella began to develop strong romantic feelings for each other, but both were still nervous to confess their true feelings. Ikki was shown to be respectable towards Stella as he told her to forget about the loser's servitude. However, although Stella was nervous, she constantly tried to express her feelings toward Ikki, but would almost always lead to either awkward or embarrassing situations to appear.

Ikki also shows he cares and worries about Stella a great deal. A good example is when Ikki became enraged when a group of terrorists had forced Stella to undress as she tried to some rescue hostages from being killed. Later, once Ikki managed to defeat the leader, Ikki hugged Stella, greatly relieved and apologized for what she went through. In return, Stella is disgusted and hurt by other people's views towards Ikki and is saddened to learn of his deeply upsetting and cruel past involving his family. Stella and Ikki grow more closer as Stella begins to comfort and support Ikki and she becomes sympathetic, seeing in some ways Ikki had a rather lonely childhood such as herself.

Stella & Ikki E4

Stella kisses Ikki, admitting her romantic feelings for him.

Eventually, Ikki and Stella became a couple after Ikki won his first official match. During the duel, Ikki fought against Shizuya Kirihara, but had nearly broken down due to mental stress and extreme nervousness as well as Shizuya and the crowd's great discouragement towards him. However, Stella screamed and scolded everyone to stop harassing Ikki as she expressed how much she had come to admire and love him. Regaining his confidence, Ikki managed to defeat Shizuya and was later taken to the infirmary after collapsing. Ikki awoke to find a sleeping Stella, revealing she had stayed by Ikki's side. Once Stella awakened herself, Ikki and Stella both admitted their feelings for each other and became a couple, while promising to fight each other again in the finals of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival.

Ikki & Stella First Kiss

Ikki and Stella share their first kiss.

In the beginning weeks of the relationship, Ikki and Stella weren't acting in such a like a normal couple and both became secretly frustrated as it appear that neither was making any effort to show their true feelings and afraid the other wanted to break up. However in reality, Ikki and Stella were simply afraid to show their feelings, afraid their motives and desires would appear inappropriate and thus were too scared to act on their feelings. Eventually, an argument between Ikki and Stella resulted when they both finally confronted each other regarding their relationship. It's revealed that they both shared the same fears regarding their relationship, not wanting their desire for attention and affection to appear inappropriate. Once letting out their frustrations and desires, Ikki and Stella were finally able to begin acting like a couple, sharing their first kiss and secretly held hands.

Ikki and Stella's relationship continues to grow stronger, soon they both fall competely in love with one another and form a serious relationship. Ikki and Stella's relationship grows so strong, the both feel they are ready to enter into a new step, specifically they feel they are ready to enter into a sexual relationship. However, while Ikki shares Stella's desire, he wishes to wait, wanting to stand proudly in front of both their parents and everyone to properly reveal his true feelings for her. While Stella is somewhat disappointed, she is happy as she realizes how serious Ikki is about their relationship and accepts to wait for them to have sex. Since becoming a couple, Ikki and Stella decided to keep their newfound romantic relationship a secret, worried and afraid of the attention they may receive due to Stella being a princess. However, while they attempt to keep their relationship hidden, several of their close friends such as Kagami, Shizuku and Alice all become aware and enjoy teasing them. Although they became aware, they promise to keep their relationship a secret until they are ready to reveal it themselves.

Stella & Ikki E11 (2)

Ikki and Stella learn their relationship has been exposed.

However, Ikki and Stella's relationship would later become violated by Ikki's family as an attempt to prevent Ikki from competing in the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. Ikki and Stella were secretly spied on, shown as a mysterious figure followed them during a school break and again when he secretly photographed Ikki and Stella sharing a kiss. Ikki's family proceeded to release a scandalous story, exposing Ikki and Stella's relationship as well as the kiss they shared. The scandal was caused so Ikki would have to attend meetings with the Ethics Committee organised by the Magic Knight Ferdation run by the Kurogane family. They tried to make it appear Ikki and Stella were engaging in a inappropriate relationship to force Ikki to attend the meetings, secretly as a way to torture Ikki during his final matches to prevent him from competing in the Sword Art Festival. While Ikki became aware of their intentions, he deicded to attend the meetings to protect Stella and to prevent his family from further interfering in his and Stella's relationship and making both appear bad in the eyes of the public.

Stella & Ikki E12

Ikki and Stella kiss and become engaged.

While being held in captivity for several weeks, Ikki slowly became severely weakened, hurt and exhausted due his previous battles. Ikki also had his food poisoned and his mental health affected with the Ethics Committee by constantly questioning as well as isolating him. Ikki continues to remain strong, but nearly lost all hope after a talk with his father, revealing while he acknowledged Ikki, he just never had faith in him since the start. However, despite the torture he had to endure, Ikki remains loyal to Stella, continuing to protect their relationship as well as keeping his promise for them to battle each other in the finals of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival. Ikki also has his hope and faith renewed after seeing the encouragement and support of the entire Hagun Academy upon his return. Eventually in Ikki's final selection match after defeating Toka Todo, Ikki and Stella fully expressed their love for each other and Ikki proudly and bravely proposed to Stella in front of large audience while being televised. Stella tearfully accepts Ikki's marriage proposal and since then, Ikki and Stella have officially become engaged to marry.

Shizuku KuroganeEdit

Shizuku is Ikki's younger sister. Since childhood, Ikki and Shizuku have shared a close relationship as aside from their grandfather, Ryoma Kurogane, Shizuku is the only member of the entire Kurogane family who has ever treated Ikki with kindness and respect, never judging him based on his Rank as a Blazer or lack of magic. Ikki and Shizuku care a great deal for each other's well being as Ikki was able to prevent Shizuku from becoming spoiled in their youth due to their status as members of the Kurogane family. However, Shizuku remained unaware in their childhood how the rest of the family truly treated Ikki. Eventually, Ikki and Shizuku were sepearted from each other after Ikki he left home. Shizuku was deeply upset about Ikki's leaving, but upon his departure, Shizuku finally came to realize how the rest of their family treated Ikki and ever since has despised and hated them, especially their father, blaming their cruel behaviour for Ikki leaving home.

Since learning of their true behaviour towards Ikki, Shizuku decided she would give all the love Ikki had never been given, the love of a mother, father, brother and even a lover and thus developed romantic feelings for Ikki. Eventually, Ikki and Shizuku were finally reunited after four years apart when Shizuku began to attend Hagun Academy. Both Ikki and Shizuku were delighted to see each other again for the first time in years, but much to the surprise of everyone and Ikki, Shizuku had kissed Ikki, expressing her true feelings for him. Ikki is shocked by Shizuku's actions and revelations of her true feelings for him and while he doesn't view her romantically the same way, this discovery it doesn't affect their close relationship as Ikki stills cares and loves her very much. Shizuku continues to act affectionately with Ikki, holding hands and occasionally blushes around him and is known to refer to him as "Big Brother".

Shizuku is shown to be extremely protective of Ikki as shown on numerous occasions, becoming angry upon learning Ayase was following her brother and his match against Toka Todo. Shizuku also has great faith in Ikki, knowing his true skills despite his lack of magic, but still maintains her worries for him. Shizuku is also against Ikki and Stella's relationship, believing Stella is trying to seduce her brother and attempts to keep them apart, but eventually does come to realize their love for each other is genuine and in time comes to accept their relationship.


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  • Ikki is the middle child of the Kurogane family, being the older brother of Shizuku and the younger brother of Ouma.
  • Ikki's catchphrase is "With All of My Strength, I Will Defeat All of Yours".
  • Ikki is 16 years old.

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