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Jamie Moyer, also known as The Tasty Coma Wife, is a character from the sitcom, Scrubs. She is a hot woman, who many of the doctors in Sacred Heart Hospital have a crush on. She dates J.D. for a little bit.

Jamie was once married to a man Jack Moyer. Tragically, Jack got into a car accident three weeks after their marriage. Jamie then came to the hospital to check on him often. There, she caught the attention of many doctors, including J.D.

One night, J.D. wanted to go get a drink with someone, and Jamie offered to go with him. J.D. insisted that they are only going as friends, despite the fact that his friends were reprimanding him for getting a drink with a woman who is still technically married.

Jamie eventually asks J.D. out on a date, saying that she is ready to move on with her life. J.D. accepts, but eventually turned her down, after having fantasies of her husband waking from his coma, and getting upset that his wife is with another man.

A few weeks later, Jack dies, leaving Jamie a widow. Jamie was so happy that she can finally date J.D., that the two had sex in the closet at her husband's funeral. 

After dating for a while, Jamie begins to lose interest in J.D. He soon realizes that Jamie loved drama, and now that she is free to be with him, due to her husband being dead, there is no longer any drama. J.D. does whatever he can to add drama to their relationship. J.D. eventually comes clean to her with what he's doing. Jamie tells him that she likes him, and doesn't need him to add drama.

After this, Jamie is not seen dating J.D. again. It is unknown what happened to her, as they are never seen braking up. However, in the finale, Jamie appears in J.D.'s last fantasy, and tells him that he never called, possibly what ended their relationship.