Jane is Jay's love interest in The Inbetweeners Movie


Jane was on holiday in Malia with her friends Allison, Lucy and Lisa. After Neil, Simon and Will approached the girls, Jay is left with Jane, or in his words "the fat one". Jay barely aknowledged her and kept an eye out for more attractive girls.

The next day at the pool, Jane and Jay are left alone once again. Jay still hasn't warmed up to her and gets the boys thrown out for picking a fight with a child. They meet up at the nightclub and Jay is much nicer to her, as he'd been threatened by a local bully earlier on. Jay realises that he and Jane have a connection. When they go to the beach for a skinny-dip, some hooligans call Jane out for being overweight and Jay doesn't even stand up for her. Upset, Jane leaves.

On the day of the boat party, Jane ignores Jay, who begs for forgiveness. Jane eventually relents and the two become a couple. After spending the rest of their holidays together, Jay and Jane go their separate ways, only to meet up again at the airport in England, where Jay introduces her to his parents.

A year later, Jane has split up with Jay, who is in denial over the whole thing. Jay spends the rest of the second movie trying to find her after hearing that she's staying on her uncle's ranch in Australia. When he does catch up to her, Jane still doesn't want to be with Jay, but is nonetheless on good terms with him.

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