Janelle is the love interest of Leo Dooley from the live-action comedy TV series, Lab Rats. Leo has a crush on Janelle. She is very smart but controlling. Leo tries to act smart to get with her. Leo says that she likes comics like him. It is revealed that she and Leo date in the future. She is a huge fan of basketball. She was supposed to go on a date with Leo to a movie, but they didn't due to Leo's siblings' appending death. Leo tries to make things work with her. However, it didn't and she was still angry. In "Avalanche", Leo invities her over to study. Janelle has feelings for Leo and Leo sometimes has feelings for her. He accidently freezes her with one of Donald Davenport's gadgets that his mother, Tasha told him not to touch. In "Back From the Future", it is revealed that she and Leo will be a couple someday.

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