Jen Scotts

Jen Scotts is fiance of Alex, and later love interest of Wes from Power Rangers: Time Force. She is the Pink Time Ranger and leader of the Time Force.

Her StoryEdit

She and Alex were originally a couple, but Alex was killed by Ransik and she time traveled to the year 2001 along with her teammates, Lucas, Trip and Katie.

She first meets Wes who resembles Alex and is the son of a widowed rich man. Jen became the Pink Time Force Ranger and leader of the Time Force Rangers.

At first, Jen refuses to let Wes join the team until he was saved by Trip's urging. It took a little time, but she eventually allowed Wes to join the team as the second-in-command of the Time Force Rangers. 

Wes allowed her and the others to don present day clothing. Over time, Jen develops a relationship with Wes. When Alex returned without coming back from the dead was more bitter, and stern while Wes was friendly and well mannere Wes is going near Jen and starts to back off. The romance between Jen and Wes would not last long and in the final battle, she and Wes battled Ransik and she and Wes were forced to part ways, although she knew that she loved Wes, but she had to return to the year 3000 with her crew.

One year later, she and her crew head back to the present to investigate three unknown Mut-Orgs. She saves the Wild Force Rangers being destroyed by the Mut-Orgs. She battled the Mut-Orgs alongside Alyssa. It's never revealed if she returns back to the 31st century or remains in the present with Wes, but dialogue between them seems to indicate the latter.

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