Jenny Blake
Jenny Blake is the tritagonist and love interest of Cliff Secord from Disney's 1991 live-action film, The Rocketeer. She was portrayed by Jennifer Connelly.


Jenny is currently dating stunt pilot, Cliff Secord aka, the Rocketeer. The two began a relationship issue after Cliff visit her on-set of a film, and caused an accident as Jenny gets fired over the accident. Neville Sinclair makes it up to her and invites her to dinner. She gets kidnapped by Sinclair, but she escapes after discovering that Sinclair is a Nazi Spy. Sinclair recaptures her and leaves a message of Cliff to bring the rocket pack to the Griffith Observatory that very night. Cliff rescues her as Jenny is safe and Sinclair is killed in the explosion as Cliff returns his feelings to her. She presents Peabody with the rocket blueprints she found in Sinclair's villa.

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