Jewel is the female hero of Rio and Rio 2.

She is the love interest of Blu in the first movie and later wife in the second movie. She may be the "gem of the forest", but don't let those long shiny eyelashes and silky light blue feathers fool you. She's one sassy chick with an attitude and has the opposite personality in most ways of her mate, Blu. She loves to fly and cherishes her freedom, and would never look into a cage, let alone fly into one. When she finds herself stuck with a domesticated "pet", she learns that being grounded may not be so bad after all. Eventually, she learns to be more trusting, as shown when she lets Tulio tend to her wing. She is voiced by Anne Hathaway, who has top-billing, as she is listed first in the opening credits and during the final half of "Real in Rio". In Rio 2, she's happily married to her husband Blu and had three children. When she transformed into a horse, she wears a light blue feather headdress on her head that replacing her light blue feather crest, and blue saddle on her back. Most importantly, she is also grew two horse ears on her head and horse tail that replacing her light blue tail feathers and horse hooves that replacing her feet. When the spell breaks at dawn, she was eventually turned back to normal.