Joan Walden

Born; Sep 19th 1959 BC Age; 57 years Joan Lee Walden is the filmprducer and aformer love interest of from the 2003 Dr. Seuss live-action film, The Cat in the Hat. In the film, But Joan L. Walden is not portrayed by actress Kelly Preston. Just By Herself She 's also loved By John Derrel Stewart So Joan Voice Acted Dill Pickles From Rugrats And Winner Stu Pickles Joan L. Walden Is Pretty just like Sue and Karryn


She Plays TV Films They Are Nickoloaden's Rugrats and also Wild Kratts and and Alvin And The Chipmunks 2007 & Even Ckicken Run Or Frozen. She Also plays Music The Types are Green Day , Panic! At The Disco / Jack Riley & Also Even Clean Bandit. & Even Also MuDvAyNe She is also the single-mother of Conrad and Sally. She is first seen working at the Humberfloob company as she is announced as the host of the office party. After Conrad does another dangerous stunt and lets Nevins out, Larry Quinn gives the dog back to return the feelings to her and tells Joan that if Conrad gets into trouble again, he will be sent to military school. As Joan is called back to the office for one more thing by her boss, Mr. Humberfloob, she calls Mrs. Kwan to babysit Conrad and Sally and also tells Conrad and Sally to not enter the living room because the party is going to be there. After the Cat in the Hat appears and accidently ruins Joan's best dress for the party and lets Thing 1 and Thing 2 not only mess up the dress, but mess up the entire house. Larry calls Joan to tell her that Nevins escaped again and after he returns Nevins to Joan again, he will send Conrad to military school. After the Cat successfully tricks Larry into signing a paper and quickly flees with the kids along with Nevins, Larry tries to go after them and tells Joan about a cat in the hat, however, Thing 1 and Thing 2 disguised themselves as police officers to distract her and Larry, but Larry trys to follow them and catches Conrad and Sally, but the Cat scares him and Larry falls into the purple river. After Conrad locks the crate and catches Sally, the house becomes a complete mess and tells the Cat to leave. The Cat successfully cleans up the mess with a great cleaning machine before Joan comes home. After the Cat leaves, Joan comes in the newly-cleaned house to see that Conrad and Sally are listening to her rules and Larry explains that Conrad and Sally destroyed the house and also tells her that he has busted the kids, but Joan doesn't see the house destroyed and thinks Larry is acting wierd as she asks him to leave and not have Conrad go to military school and will not marry him. She tries kicks him out of the house and she and her kids embrace But Larry intercepts and forces her to marry him and send Conrad To Militarty School For 10 Minutes Before The Guests Come. But he was caught by The Vilgantes Known as Batman & Robin by 10 Minutes & Was Sent to Blackgate Prison By The GCPD & The Party Goes Succesful Without Larry towards the end of the film.. At the end of the film, after the successful party, she, Conrad, and Sally have fun by jumping on the couch, and then we roll the credits.pp

Aftermath of Larry Quinn Edit

Born Dec 24th 1955 Age 61 Years Larry Quinn Was Aressted By The Gotham City Police Department And Was Captured By Batman And Robin & Was Sent To Blackgate Prison In Gotham City, IL For 10 to 15 Years For Manslaughter, Extortion, Kidnapping Joan Walden and Trying to Marry Her & Send Conrad To Military School & Craziness. Comissoner James Gordon Says if Larry Quinn Escapes and Tries To Kidnap Joan Walden and Trying to Marry Her & Send Conrad To Military School We'll Be Ready By Now w/Batman & Robin on our Side.

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