Johnny Pew is the love interest of Fifi La Fume and the main antagonist of the latter's events of the direct-to-video movie Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation. He is a blue skunk with his hair shaped like that of Elvis Presley, and he wears only a black jacket. Johnny is a famous movie star, and for some reason, the "skunk-hunk" of Fifi's dreams.

Role in FilmEdit

First, he is seen headed for the Acme Resort Hotel (in a car), as Shirley the Loon reveals to Fifi La Fume when she asks her about it. After many futile attempts to go near him, eventually ending with getting kicked into a garbage can, coincidentally, Fifi meets Johnny Pew when he hands her a tissue. When she asks him for his autograph, he says he doesn't have a pen. However, he has her carry his things for him.

Later, in a line to go to the movies, Fifi, having been waiting hand-and-foot on him until he got one, asks him again for his autograph, but he asks her if she's always so needy. He has her carry all of the refreshments for him, and she offers him popcorn. He tells her to take out the unpopped kernels, as they'll "chip his caps". Much later, it is shown that he had a pen all along when he sees a pink female skunk (who is wearing only a green torpedo suit) named Bimbette (though her name isn't said), who asks him for his autograph. Johnny takes Fifi's photograph of him and signs it for her. For this, Fifi realizes that Johnny was a selfish jerk and that she can no longer believe him. For this, Fifi, telling him he stinks (no pun intended), kicks him out of the theater (much to her fellow movie viewers' delight and cheer), and Johnny is then captured by Elmyra Duff as her "kitty" (which is later shown again when the toons go back to school).