Jordan Sullivan is a reccurring character from the TV comedy, Scrubs


Dr. Perry CoxEdit

Jordan and Perry were once married. However, after Jordan has an affair, the two divorce. Throughout the first Season, the two are a divorced couple. However, the two still have a sexual relationship going on, whenever they are stressed. In the begginning of Season 2, Jordan goes to Perry, and reveals to him that she is pregnent, and wants to get back together with him, so they can raise the kid together. Jordan tells him that the baby is not his, but she slept with another man. This was not true, but Jordan just told him this because she didn't want to make Perry feel that he is forced to help her raise the child, and Perry still agrees to get back together with Jordan. Jordan eventually gives birth to a son, Jack, and Perry eventually finds out that Jordan was lying, and the baby really is his. At first, he is upset that Jordan lied to him about it, but eventually forgives her, and continues to live with her.

After that, Jordan and Perry live together as a happily divorced couple, as they raise Jack. Although the two fight very often, and do things just to annoy the other, they apparently enjoy fighting, and enjoy annoying each other, and it helps their relationship. And although neither Perry, nor Jordan will admit it, they are happy when they are with each other. They never get remarried, but they still live with each other.

In Season 6, Jordan gives birth to a girl, named Jennifer Dylan.


Jordan had a very brief romantic relationship with J.D. Before J.D. discovered that she was Dr. Cox's ex-wife, J.D. had a crush on her, and the two eventually sleep with each other. They keep this a secret to Dr. Cox, until the Season 1 finale, where he finds out. However, Dr. Cox does not get angry at J.D., like expected.

In one episode, J.D. asks Jordan if she likes him, and she replies that she "nothings" him, meaning she doesn't acknowledge any feeling towards him good or bad.

In the series finale, Jordan hugs J.D. goodbye, when he is leaving Sacred Heart Hospital.