Meredith Grey is the main protagonist of the medical drama romance series, Grey's Anatomy. She is the Chief of General Surgery of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital and is the older half-sister of Lexie Grey and Maggie Pierce. She is also best friends with Cristina Yang and Alex Karev and was the main love interest of Derek Shepherd.

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Derek ShepardEdit

Derek Shepard is one of the main characters of the series and Meredith's main love interest and husband.

George O'MalleyEdit

George O'Malley was one of the original main characters of the series who harboured an unrequited love for Meredith.

Finn DandridgeEdit

Finn Dandridge was the vet of Meredith's pet dog and former love interest in the second season.

Nathan RiggsEdit

Nathan Riggs is a former main character of who developed romantic feelings for Meredith.



  • She is one of the last remaining original characters of the series alongside Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber.
  • She is the mother of Zola, Bailey and Ellis Shepard.
  • She is the daughter of Ellis and Thatcher Grey.
  • Fans ship Meredith and Derek's relationship as MerDer.

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