Juliet is the love interest of Gnomeo from the 2011 film, Gnomeo & Juliet and it sequel sherlock gnomes.  Juliet lives in the garden of Mr. Capulet where the red gnomes live.  She is the daughter of the red gnome's boss, Lord Redbrick.  She first met Gnomeo after she bumps into him.  At first, she tries to retrieve a unique orchid but the two end up fighting over it when they discover their colors, and they quickly leave the garden.  Juliet tells her frog friend Nanette about the newfound love.  Their relationship is very tragic. Lord Redbrick arranges for Juliet to be with a Red Gnome named Paris, but she does not have romantic feelings for him. However, she and Gnomeo have secret meetings in the nearby garden by meeting a pink plastic flamingo called Featherstone who encourages the love.  She and Gnomeo begin a fight until Featherstone tells them to break it up.

After the lawnmower race with Tybalt, Juliet is sadden over Gnomeo's death after he was run over and destroyed by a truck. Afterwards, an overprotective Lord Redbrick has Juliet glued to her windmill, saying that he doesn't want to lose her like he lost her mother, to which Juliet turns away from her father in disgust. However unbeknownst to Juliet, Gnomeo is still alive and is at the park on the statue of William Shakespeare when he listens to the story. Gnomeo eventually returns to the garden and tries to rescue Juliet in order to un-glue her, but he couldn't do it because she tells him to go, but Gnomeo can't leave without Juliet, when the lawnmower crashes into the fountain and blows up. Lord Redbrick and Gnomeo's mother Lady Bluebury were saddened over Gnomeo and Juliet's death after the two decided to end the feud. Fortunately, she and Gnomeo survived the explosion and the Gnomes begin to celebrate. By the end of the film, she and Gnomeo got married on a purple lawnmower that symbolizes the new union of the red gnomes and the blue gnomes with Tybalt now repaired and reformed.  

She is voiced by Emily Blunt.


Juliet is based on Juliet Capulet from the original Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare because they both have similar events and both live with the Montagues, and they both have feelings with the main male character, but unlike Juliet Capulet, Juliet doesn't die, but gets married with the main male character.