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Juliet Burke is a character from the TV seires, Lost. She, along with Kate Austen is the love interest to Jack Shephard, and "Sawyer", and was introduced in the first episode of Season 3. 

She originally was an other, and had Jack kept captive. However, the two had feelings for each other, and when Jack escapes back to his camp, she goes with him. However, it is soon revealed that Ben Linus (the leader of the others) wanted Juliet to go back with Jack, so they could have someone to spy on the survivors camp. Soon after, Juliet confesses to Jack about her purposes for coming to the camp, and stops spying for them.

Jack and Juliet are sometimes shown kissing, and although the two were never officially a couple, they have a bunch of romantic moments together.

In the Season 4 finale, Jack, along with Kate, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, and Aaron, all manage to tempararily get off the island. Juliet remains with the 815 survivors, and after a time shift sends them back to the 70s where they join the Dharma initiative, Juliet and Sawyer begin to date. Three years later, when Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid manage to rejoin them, Juliet and Sawyer are living together as a couple.

Unfortunately, in the Season 5 finale, a magnetic force becomes unstable. and Juliet is struck by a loose chain and pulled into the hole which has been drilled. Sawyer and Kate attempt to save her, but Juliet lets go to avoid having Sawyer and Kate get pulled in, and die along with her. Before she lets go, she tells Sawyer that she loves him more than anything. In the last scene of season 5, it is revealed that Juliet survived the fall, and uses the last of her strength to strike a nuclear device Jack threw in earlier until it explodes. Juliet then reappears in the first episode of Season 6, where she is found burried under a pile of rubble. Sawyer manages to dig her out, but she dies in his arms because of her injuries, but not before asking him to kiss her.

In the afterlife, Juliet is shown as the divorced wife of Jack, where they had a son together named David. Juliet works in a hospital, where she preforms an ultrasound on Sun Paik. She eventually goes to the vending machine during her break, where she finds Sawyer, whos candy bar is stuck. Juliet tells him how to get it unstuck, and Juliet hands him the candy bar. The two of them touch in the process, and suddenly remember their life on the island together, and they embraced. In the very last scene of the show, Juliet and Sawyer "move on" together, in the church.

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