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June Moon is the love interest of Rick Flag and host to the Enchantress, the main antagonist in the 2016 film Suicide Squad.

Biography Edit


June possessed by the Enchantress

June was originaly an archaeologist who came upon a shrine to a brother and sister who once dominated the world with their sorcery. When June breaks open the soul container of the sister, she becomes possessed by her and goes by the name "Enchantress".

Some time after Enchantress possessed June, Rick Flag was tasked with bringing her in to be used as a weapon in case Superman or someone equally powerful were to pose a threat. When Rick met June during a moment of non-possession, they fell in love. Enchantress grows in strength every time June lets her take over. When Enchantress manages to possess June in her sleep, she tells Rick that he'll have to kill her if things get any worse.

Enchantress manages to awaken her brother Incubus and he uses his power to give her full control over June's body. Rick is tasked with assembling the Suicide Squad to stop them from taking over the world. During the final confrontation, Enchantress is briefly subdued by the squad. Rick gets ahold of her disembodied heart and threatens to crush it unless Enchantress lets June go. Enchantress taunts Rick that it's too late, so Rick destroys the heart, killing the witch. June is revealed to be alive after all and she and Rick continue their relationship.

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