Juniper is a Pachyrhinosaurus, the childhood friend, love interest and later mate of Patchi, the brief mate of Scowler and the deuteragonist of the 2013 film Walking with Dinosaurs.

She first met Patchi when they were children and eventually migrated together with their herds for years. When upon reaching adulthood, she becomes the mate of Patchi's brother Scowler after he became the new leader of the herd after beating the previous leader Major in battle. Whilst the herd are crossing a frozen lake, it starts to crack, but Juniper along with Patchi and most of the herd are able to get to land safely, leaving an outraged Scowler and a few other herd members on the other side of the lake. Later Scowler confronts Patchi and accuses him of trying to overthrow him and steal Juniper from him causing the two brothers to battle. But due to being larger, Scowler beats Patchi and disowns him before having Juniper and the rest of the herd leave Patchi behind. Afterwards the herd are attacked by a pack of Gorgonsaurus, but Patchi arrives and defeats the packs leader. After this, Scowler apologises to Patchi for his attitude towards him and let's him be the herd's leader and become Juniper's mate. Sometime later, Juniper and Patchi are now mates and have eggs together.


  • She is voiced by Tiya Sircar who later voiced Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels.