Kaito Domoto is one of the main characters of the anime and manga series Mermaid Melody. He is the twin brother of Gaito, the main antagonist of the first season and is one of the last surviving members of the ancient ocean Panthalassa species. He is also the main love interest of Lucia Nanami.


Kaito is very easy going and flirtatious as shown in the first episode. He is sincere and loyal and will do anything to help his friends, especially towards Lucia, whether it was as dangerous as rescuing her or trivial as helping her study for a test. He enjoys teasing others as he constantly teases Lucia. However, Kaito can be rude and insensitive sometimes, but is overall a kind and caring person. Kaito is also independent as he has been living on his own for several years after the death of his adopted parents. Kaito is also honest as he is known express his anger whenever Lucia does something reckless, causing others to worry. Kaito is also protective as he defends his friends whenever they are in trouble such as when he saved Lucia and Hanon from being harassed in the first episode and later Rina from some customers from a restaurant.


Kaito has spiky orange hair and orange eyes. For school, he wears the required male uniform, which consists of a white shirt, blue pants, and black shoes.One of his outfits consist of an open button orange shirt with a white t-shirt and blues jeans. His other outfit consists of an wide neck beige jacket with a black turtleneck shirt and black jeans. His wetsuit black with red, purple, and yellow designs and features along with his yellow surfboard.


Lucia NanamiEdit

Several years prior before the beginning of the series, Kaito had met a young beatiful mermaid. One night, the mermaid went above to the surface world where she came across a cruise ship and began to sing. Kaito heard her singing and followed the sound of her voice and soon spotted her, causing him to discover the existence of mermaids. However, a huge wave had suddenly appeared and crashed into the cruise ship, causing it to sink into the ocean and Kaito to fall into the sea. The mermaid had quickly rescued him and brought him back to shore, but Kaito had still not regained consciousness. In order to save his life, the mermaid gave him her pink pearl and Kaito had awaken, thus saving his life. Ever since, Kaito has been in love with the mermaid who saved him and never forgotten her, always keeping her pink pearl inside the pendent he wears around his neck as a reminder and good luck charm. Eventually, several years later, Kaito met a new girl named Lucia Nanami, but unknown to Kaito, Lucia is actually the mermaid who saved him as a child and has returned to the surface world so that she may find and retrieve her pink pearl. Originally when they were reunited, while Kaito had slight suspicions, he ultimately failed to recongize Lucia as the mermaid who saved him. While Lucia had her suspicions, seeing the resemblance between Kaito and the young boy, she refused to believe Kaito was the same boy due to his teasing and flirtatous personality. However, Lucia had found herself soon developing feelings towards him and eventually during an attack by one of the members of the Dark Lovers when Kaito was captured, Lucia realized he was the same boy she rescued. Kaito returned Lucia's pearl, causing her to transform into her idol form for the first time and save Kaito. Upon returning to the surface, Lucia and Kaito shared a heartfelt and proper reunion on the beach and they embraced each other. 

Since first meeting Lucia, Kaito has found himself falling in love with her, but while he constantly denies his feelings towards her, he has been shown to be jealous of other guys around Lucia on several occasions more specifically Sakiya, the Western Japanese Surf Champion. Kaito is also known to playfully tease Lucia for fun, but sometimes Kaito fails to realize how hurtful his words can actually be towards her such as when Lucia asked Kaito if she wasn't around anymore, Kaito replied it would be peaceful and quiet, much to Lucia's sadness. However, Kaito does learn to realize when he has upset Lucia as he becomes distracted and lost in thought, making him regret his actions. Lucia constantly tries to express her feelings for Kaito and always tries to create romantic settings for them to become more closer. Although they don't always go according to Lucia's plan, it would somehow work out in the end as Lucia and Kaito do become more closer and their love growing more stronger. Lucia and Kaito's relationship gradually grows more stronger and closer throughout the series. Since first reuniting with Kaito and seeing his passion and love of surfing, Lucia begins to watch Kaito whenever he surfs and also begins to make bentos for him. While Kaito pretends act aloof, he is secretly happy Lucia watches him and comes to really enjoy her bentos that she makes and enjoys spending time with her.

It's also shown on several occasions thoughout the series that Kaito possess a strange and incredibly strong power. An unknown symbol appears on Kaito's forehead and it activates whenever Kaito witnesses Lucia in danger and the power activates so that Kaito can protect Lucia from what ever tries to harm her. Kaito's power proves that he isn't really human and that Kaito sees Lucia as his most important person as she is the only person who can activate his power. Kaito's protectiveness of Lucia has been shown and proven numerous times throughout the series, even when his power isn't activated he becomes concerned about Lucia when she isn't around and goes to great lengths to find her and make sure she is alright. Kaito is also shown to become really upset and depressed when Lucia isn't around and during these times it causes him to make him further realize how he truly feels about her and make him realize how truly important she is to him.

While Kaito and Lucia are not officially together, they have shared several romantic kisses, during some of their most intense romantic moments together that further strengthens their relationship. While most of the kisses have occurred when Lucia is in her mermaid form, there have been other situations due to other circumstances such as when Kaito and Lucia were possessed by the spirits of two lost lovers of when Kaito was conflicted with his feelings regarding the mermaid from his past and Lucia, eventually resulting in a two-person love triangle. The true challenge and turmoil to their relationship that occasional causes it to become somewhat complicated and strained is Kaito's conflicting feelings as well as inability to realize that Lucia and the Mermaid who saved him are the same person. Kaito believes himself to be in a love triangle as he can't decide who he truly loves more.

Throughout the first season, Kaito remains completely oblivious that the mermaid and Lucia are one and the same person, but Lucia constantly tries to make Kaito realize the truth on his own as Lucia can't directly tell him otherwise according to an old mermaid legend she would turn into sea foam. On several occasions, Kaito has discovered/believed that Lucia and the mermaid are the same person, but either loses his memories or brushes the possibilities aside, believing them to be his imagination or a dream. Lucia becomes upset during these situations as she believes Kaito doesn't fully love her as he only cares apart of her. Lucia also comes to believe that Kaito will only love the mermaid side to herself and will never truly love her the way she is and will only ever love her mermaid form.

Eventually, Kaito had to make a descison between Lucia and "the mermaid", but still hadn't made his decision. However, during a heavy snow storm, Lucia went missing as Kaito was leaving for a ski trip and she tried to deliver a bento she made him but got lost in the blizzard. The trip was cancelled and Kaito returned only to discovered, Lucia was missing and set out to find her. Kaito eventually managed to find Lucia due to the power of pearl and made a snow igloo as shelter from the storm. During this time, it finally made Kaito realize how important Lucia was to him, thus finally making his decision of who he really loved. However, Kaito still hadn't made his feelings clear to Lucia and instead somewhat made Lucia uncomfortable as she believed he still loved her mermaid form than her actual self.

Later, Lucia had sadly discovered that Kaito would be leaving to attend a surfing school in Hawaii. Kaito had discovered from his aunt that he isn't the biological child of his parents, discovering he is adopted. In order to learn more about himself, Kaito decided to leave and attend Hawaii. Lucia decided in one last attempt to finally and properly express to Kaito her true feelings by giving him a Valentine's Day chocolate while learning if Kaito really loves her more than "the mermaid". Lucia nearly didn't succeed as she was convinced that Kaito will only ever love her mermaid form and will settle if he doesn't truly love her. However, to Lucia's happiness, Kaito had revealed that he truly cares and loves her more than "the mermaid". Kaito finally admits his love for Lucia and gives her a ring to symbolise his love and promises he will return once he discovers his true self. Lucia promises to wait for Kaito and Lucia and Kaito finally and officially become a couple and share their first real proper kiss as they embrace their newly formed relationship.

Shortly after Kaito leaves and goes to Hawaii, he and Lucia begin a long distance relationship. However, Kaito is taken by his twin brother, Gaito who wants to combine his and Kaito's powers to destroy the land and sea. Lucia along with the rest of the Mermaid Princesses discover the news and while fighting Gaito, rescue Kaito. During this time, Kaito finally at long last realizes that Lucia and the mermaid are the same person. Kaito apologizes to Lucia for not realizing the truth, finally realizing how much suffering he has caused her due to his obliviousness. However, Lucia is filled with tears of joy, knowing someday Kaito would find her and at long last, Kaito and Lucia have a true offical romantic relationship together with no secrets and can finally have a real future.

In the second season, shortly after their battle against Gaito, Kaito is revealed to have decided to return to Hawaii and spends quality time with Lucia before leaving. Kaito assures and promises Lucia that he will return and they share a heartfelt parting as Kaito leaves for his flight at the airport. However, Lucia later discovers shocking news that Kaito is lost at sea of an unknown accident and is determined to find him and is extremely worried for his safety. While many of Lucia's sea friends search for Kaito, Lucia later goes into the sea herself to find Kaito, but is lured into a trap set by the Black Beauty sisters. Lucia is assured by the spirit of Sara that Kaito is still alive as he is a prince of the ocean and thus cannot be killed in the sea. However, due to a new danger that has appeared, Lucia is prevented from going into the sea and continue to search for Kaito.

Thankfully, Kaito is found and returns home and while Lucia is delighted of the news, she is devastated to learn Kaito has gained amnesia of all things related to the ocean, including his romantic relationship with Lucia, ultimately causing them to break up. Lucia becomes more heartbroken when Kaito begins living with Michal, the girl who found and nursed him back to health. They develop a close bond and spend more time together, breaking more of Lucia's heart whenever she sees Kaito with Michal. However, despite the turmoil and heartbreak, Lucia still loves Kaito with all her heart and is determined to restore his memories, but it appears to be hopeless at times. While Kaito remains somewhat distant to Lucia, his love for her remains, but is buried deep in his heart. Kaito also feels a void in himself, believing he has lost something very important to him, obviously it being he has forgotten his love for Lucia as well as not being with her. Kaito's strong love for Lucia slowly resurfaces as throughout the season several memories of their past slowly start to return.

While Kaito still has yet to regain his memories, Lucia is determined to rebuild their relationship, but it's difficult as whenever Lucia attempts to spend quality time with him, Michal appears. Michal is jealous of the relationship between Kaito and Lucia and wants Kaito for herself and thus whenever the chance appears, she always tries to prevent Kaito and Lucia from being together. Michal interferes by going straighter to Kaito and bringing him with her wherever they are or once even tried to use her sickness to her advantage. Overall, Michal is determined to keep Kaito and Lucia apart.

Michal AmagiEdit

Michal is a love rival to Lucia who rescues Kaito in the second season of the series when he is attacked and gains amnesia. She is also consider an antagonist due to her constant attempts to keep Lucia and Kaito apart. Michal and Kaito first met in Hawaii when Michal found an unconscious Kaito washed ashore. Michal took Kaito home with her and nursed him back to health, but learned he has gained amnesia of everything related to the sea. Michal and her brother Rihito decided to go back to Japan with Kaito and have allowed him to stay in their home to allow him to recover from his trauma and amnesia as well as becoming a companion for Michal, who had a very lonely childhood due to her own mysterious illness. Since returning to Japan, Michal and Kaito have become quite close and Michal develops romantic feelings for him to the point where Kaito gave Michal his pendant that held Lucia's Pearl for seven years.

Kaito cares and worries for Michal a great deal, worried about her health and always remains by her side whenever she is feeling worse in her condition or is distraught. However, when Kaito feel that Michal is being unreasonable at times, Kaito attempts to be stern with her, but is overall has a soft spot for Michal due to her illness. However, Michal soon grows to become possessive, controlling and obsessive of Kaito, refusing to be alone and always wants him by her side. Michal also becomes jealous of Kaito and Lucia's relationship and always tries whatever means necessary to keep them apart, never wanting them to be alone or does whatever she can to interfere in them trying to rebuild their relationship.


Ayaka is an older girl who developed feelings for Kaito and attempts to steal him away from Lucia in the beginning of the series. Kaito had been requested by the owner of a local surfing shop to teach Ayaka to surf. Ayaka immediately develop an attraction and interest in Kaito and intended to have him for herself. Kaito had began teaching Ayaka to surf and soon they had been spotted together several times by classmates and Hanon and soon rumours started to spread the Kaito was dating her. Worried, Lucia and Hippo spy on Kaito throughout the entire day, but are unsuccessful until Lucia finally sees Kaito with the mystery girl, Ayaka. She immediately views Lucia as a potential rival and begins to act affectionaly with Kaito and leaves with him while secretly giving Lucia a sly grin on her face. While getting surfering lessons from Kaito, Ayaka notices Lucia and Hippo nearby and pretends to fall and lands on Kaito to make Lucia jealous.

Ayaka causes further chaos for Kaito and Lucia's relationship setting a trap to make it appear Kaito was meeting her for a date while humiliating Lucia to drive them apart when she gives Kaito two tickets, inviting him to see the "Mermaid's Eye" exhibit on a cruise ship. Lucia is upset and hurt, believing Kaito was making a fool of her, angrily leaves him and Ayaka by themselves. Kaito is angry, finally realizing Ayaka's true intentions and goes to search for Lucia. He is held back by Ayaka and finally having enough of her attitude, Kaito confesses he already loves someone else while unknown to him and Ayaka, Lucia overhears them. Furious that Kaito has rejected her, Ayala slaps him and leaves, thus giving up her pursuit of him while leaving Kaito to his thoughts. Since then, Ayaka has never been seen again.


Meru is a young mermaid child from Hanon's kingdom and develops a crush on Kaito. Originally when she first met Kaito, Meru didn't like him, believing it to be ridiculous that Lucia, a Mermaid Princess would fall in love with a Human. She was completely against the relationship, but eventually came to realize that it's alright to love a human. Meru later left Hanon and her friends and returned to her home, reunited with her mother. Sometime later, Meru returned and is revealed to have develop romantic feelings for Kaito and came back as she wasn't unable to get him out of her mind.


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  • Kaito and Lucia are the main couple of the series.
  • Kaito's voice actor, Daisuke Kishio also voices Shinobu Takastuki.
  • Kaito means "ocean and sake dipper" and Domoto means "lamb of God".
  • Kaito is young pro-surfer and snow boarder.
  • Kaito is the younger twin brother of Gaito, the main villain of the first season of Mermaid Melody.
  • Kaito is shown to have many female admirers.
  • Kaito wears a special pendent that contained Lucia's pearl. It's considered to be Kaito's good luck charm and most precious possession.

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