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Kanade Tachibana, also known as Angel, is the love interest of Yuzuru Otonashi in the anime Angel Beats!. Kanade is the student council president at the afterlife school. This places her at odds with the SSS as her responsibilities require her to suppress delinquency and other disruptive activities that the team does. The SSS initially calls her "Angel" since they do not know her real name, but they still refer to her by it even after finding out her real name.

It is difficult to understand what she is thinking due to her rarely showing any outward emotions and her way of talking bluntly. She is personally dedicated to helping others overcome their regrets and pass on. However, she often lacks a proper understanding of others, as she never thinks to try to explain to the SSS why she was doing what she did. She enjoys eating mapo doufu, a spicy dish.

Despite her gentle demeanor and small frame, she is incredibly powerful and near indestructible to the point of ejecting bullets out of her wounds during battle. She creates her powers known as "guard skills" via a computer program called Angel Player. Her primary ability is "hand sonic", a blade on one or both forearms with five forms. Other skills include but are not limited to: "distortion", an invisible barrier that deflects bullets or other projectiles; "delay", which creates an after-image to disorient opponents; and "harmonics", where a clone with a consciousness of its own is formed from the original. These abilities are activated at will; however, her ability "overdrive", which gives her great physical strength, is always on.

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