Kaori Miyazono
Kaori Miyazono is the love interest of Kōsei Arima in the series Your Lie in April. She's a free-spirited violinist who had drawn many criticisms from the judge panel due to her unwillingness to follow the score, but is highly favored by her audience. Kaori met Kōsei when she requested his friend and classmate Tsubaki to set her up with his other friend Watari. Kaori eventually convinces Kōsei to play the piano again, first as her accompanist and later in a piano competition. Despite seeming so energetic, she has poor health and usually faints because of it. As the series progresses, her health deteriorates and she eventually loses her ability to walk. At the end of the series, she decides to undergo a risky operation to extend her lifespan just a little longer so she can perform with Kousei once again. She unfortunately doesn't survive.