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Kate Thomas is the childhood love interest of Norbit Albert Rice from the film Norbit, even when he was married to the film's villain, Rasputia Latimore and when she was engaged to the secondary villain, Deion Hughes until she found the truth at the end and married Norbit.

Kate was portrayed by Thandie Newton as an adult and China Anderson as a child.

Her storyEdit

Norbit and Kate were in love as kids (including having a blanket over their laps on the same couch and using the bathroom together) and pretended to get married under a tree, but they got separated when Kate was adopted.

Later, once again, with help from ex-pimp friends of Norbit and other townspeople, Kate falls back in love with Norbit, though she leaves him when she thinks that he's being honest about not loving her (when he is only saying so to save her from Rasputia's wrath) and goes to marry Deion instead.

At the end, Norbit crashes the wedding to be a man for the first time in his life and reveals that he actually loves Kate and no longer Rasputia and when Kate doesn't believe that the wedding is a sham, he reveals his plan B: to reveal Deion's ex-wives and children with them.

Kate's engagement with Deion is off and Norbit has divorced Rasputia. Eventually, Norbit and Kate buy the orphanage and get married under the tree (this time for real).

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