Katie Walker is the love interest of Trip from Power Rangers Time Force.

Her Story

She is a Time Force detective who went back in time to 2001 along with Jen Scotts, Lucas and Trip.

She is gifted with unnatural strength that might be the product of genetic engineering.

She is always open with her feelings.

She is shown to be loving to her teammates especially to Trip who she is seen usually hugging or being overly protective of and consoling him after Jen told him to stay.

She has romantic feelings for Trip as she hugs him and kisses him on the cheek.

After the final battle, she, Jen, Lucas and Trip returned to the future.

She and the other Time Force Rangers return to the present to help the Wild Force Rangers battle the Mut-Orgs.

She battled the Orgs alongside Taylor the Yellow Wild Force Ranger.

After the battle, She beats Danny, the Black Wild Force Ranger in Arm Wrestling to show that she is tough and strong.