Kelly was the love interest of Kenny McCormick from the South Park episode, Rainforest Shmainforest.


Kenny first met Kelly while he was in Mr. Garrison's class before he got sent to Mr. Mackey's office by Mr. Garrison along with Stan, Kyle and Cartman for making rude remarks. He went to the field trip to the rainforest along with, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Mrs. Stevens and her students. The other boys were irate over this brand of punishment, but Kenny was ecstatic as it gave him a chance to be around Kelly.

When the group got lost in the rainforest, Kenny and Kelly spend some time together. Kelly confesses her love for Kenny, but because they live in different states she says they should stay at arms' length. Kenny grows increasingly frustrated with every rejection. When Cartman refuses to listen and leaves, Ms. Stevens and the children were being captured by the Yamagampa Tribe. Fearing that they might die at any moment, Kelly tells Kenny that she wants to be his girlfriend if they make it out alive. Cartman eventually returns along with the construction workers to save everybody. Kelly then begins a relationship with Kenny, but he was struck by lightning and Kelly gets devestated over his death. Fortunately, Kelly was able to revive Kenny and they continued their relationship.


  • Kelly has a habit of picking her nose
  • Kelly never calls Kenny by his proper name, presumaly because she can't understand his muffled voice.
  • Although she's a one-shot love interest, it was mentioned that Kelly was still dating Kenny for a while, but when they officially split up is unknown.