Ken with Barbie

Ken with Barbie

Ken is a character Toy Story 3, who is based on the mattel Barbie franchise. In the movie, he is the love interest of Barbie, but also serves as the secondary antagonist.

In the movie, he is first shown when Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear introduces him to the group of toys. Ken comes out of his dreamhouse, and notices Barbie, and the two fall for each other right away. They say they feel that they were "made for each other". Ken shows her his dreamhouse, and she tells him that he has everything, and Ken says "everything, except someone to share it with". This makes Barbie go lovestruck. She then moves into Ken's house, while the other toys (except Woody) go to the caterpillar room. 

However, it is soon revealed that Lotso is an evil teddy bear, who forces the toys to go the caterpillar room, even though he knows they can be killed there. It is also revealed that Ken is one of his henchmen, and he locks the toys in the caterpillar room up, so that they won't escape. When Barbie discovers this, she breaks up with Ken. Ken is upset by this, and then forced to lock her up so that she won't escape either.

The next night (after Woody returns to Sunnyside Daycare with a plan to break out), Barbie cries to him begging him to let her move back into his dreamhouse. Ken eventually gives in to her. Ken models on a few clothes for Barbie, until she tackles Ken from behind his clothes rack. Barbie demands Ken to tell her what Lotso has done to Buzz and how to get Buzz back to normal. Having realized that it is a ploy by Barbie, Ken initially protests, but nervously decides to let her try. He eventually tells her, when she threatens to rip his favorite outfit.

Later, when the toys face Lotso right as they were about to escape, Ken comes to the rescue. He confesses his love for Barbie, and then stands up to Lotso. Lotso eventually loses his temper, and starts yelling at everybody, until he is pushed into the dumpster. While all the other toys go back to Andy, Ken and Barbie stay together in Sunnyside Daycare, where the two become a couple again and become the new co-leaders of the daycare.