Kia Waterson

Kia Waterson was a teenager in Freddy vs. Jason. She was the love interest of Charlie Linderman and died by Jason Voorhees with a machete.

Her lifeEdit

After the killing in Lori's house, Kia was there as a friend to comfort Lori.

Kia really never understood Linderman and during the rave, Kia got disrespected by Linderman saying, "How can you think with all that make-up weighing down your head."

The next few days, Kia and Linderman became very good friends.

Kia was volunteered to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to wake up Jason during his nightmare fight with Freddy in the Dream World.

When Freddy was drowning Jason during a dream flashback, luckily she didn't have to do the resuscitation as Jason woke up on his own and Kia right by him, just moments before the van crashed and Jason went flying out the back door of the van.

Her deathEdit

During the fight of Freddy and Jason, Kia volunteered herself to distract Freddy to allow Will and Lori to escape by taunting Freddy about how Jason's weapon looks tougher and bigger versus Freddy's glove knives.

Then she told Freddy, "Why kind of faggot goes around scaring people in a Christmas sweater?" and at that same moment, Jason sneaks up and drives the machete knocking and went flying into a tree, killing her as she slid down the tree and died. 


  • Kia was portrayed by pop star Kelly Rowland.
  • She's also the last victim of Jason Voorhees in the original film series before the 2009 remake.
  • Kia is similar to Lisa Hines which both are friends with a heroines (Kia to Lori, Lisa to Donna), both are black heroines and both died by a villain (Kia to Jason Voorhees. Lisa to Fenton)

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