Kim Briggs is a character from the sitcom, Scrubs. She dated J.D. for a while.



Kim worked in Sacred Heart Hospital, as the urologist, for many years before J.D. noticed her. He only noticed her when she took off her wedding ring, as J.D. does not pay attention to women with wedding rings on, because that means they are not available. Once J.D. noticed Kim, he found her so attractive, that he could not stop noticing her. However, due to the fact that she has a wedding ring, she is clearly married, and therefore, unavailable. J.D. soon discovers, that Kim is divorced, and only wears her ring, so not to be hit on. 

Kim eventually admits to being attracted to J.D., and agrees to go on a date with him. They go on a date, and, two weeks later, J.D. is shocked to discover that Kim is pregnent. After a long debate, they eventually decided to keep the baby. However, shortly after this, she was offered a job in Tacoma, Washington, which she accepts. J.D. decides to keep dating her, but, when he goes to visit her, she tells him that she miscarried the baby. J.D. decides that it will not work out between them, and they brake up. It is soon revealed that Kim lied, and did not really miscarriage.

A few months later, when J.D. attended a medical convention, he saw Kim giving a lecture, and discovered that she is still pregnent. J.D. confronts her about this, and she apolizes to him, and begs for him back. J.D. accepts, but only for his unborn child. 

Right before the child was born, Kim discovers that J.D. is only with her because of the child, and not because he loves her. This upsets her, and she brakes up with him. She later tells him that he can visit their new son, Sam, whenever he wants.

Sean KellyEdit

Kim reveals to J.D., and his girlfriend Elliot Reid, when they were coming to visit Sam, that she is now dating Elliot's ex-boyfriend, Sean Kelly. The two really enjoyed each others company, and loved each other. Sean was very good with Sam.

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