Kitty Softpaws

Kitty Softpaws is the deuteragonist of Puss in Boots. She is Puss' love interest and later, mate.

Personality Edit

Cool and sleek, Kitty knows how to be alluring without ever being a damsel in distress. She can be impatient but never falters under pressure.

At first she cared only about the score, but that all changes when she meets Puss. She's incredibly sneaky, suave, smart, beautiful, charming and alluring to all, especially Puss.

Role in Film Edit

Kitty is a cat of talent and manipulation. One night, Puss tries to rob Jack and Jill, Kitty (in a mask) seems to be after beans too.

Things don't work well, they end up in a cat club. It's dance night so instead of just boxing the two cats duke it out with dance.

Puss is impressed by the stranger but after spilling milk on his boots, he whacks her with a guitar. She takes off the masks and a stunned Puss releases that she's female.

He's infatuated with this kindred spirit. Kitty charms and attempts to kiss Puss, but he refused and explains his history with Humpty, but she falls asleep.

Eventually Puss is convinced to help her steal the eggs, for the sake of his hometown and mother (human woman who loved him as a kitten).

During the adventure she and Puss bond. She explains the sad story of how her previous owners took her claws away, Puss comforts her with the knowledge that cat-people are crazy.

After stealing the golden egg laying chick, she and Puss enjoy a dance and Kitty soon finds his claw at her belt buckle before she can act he pulls it of than his own and boots and she impressed takes off hers with his help and the two cats make out passionately. The next morning, Puss awakes with her snuggled against his chest and sees their belts boots and hat gone, he tells kitty who shush him and tells him to follow her.

Kitty leads him back up the bean stalk, matching his moves to her as they do. soon they arrive at what looked like a stable, where she says welcome to your new home Puss.

Inside are hundreds of cats making out she explains it's a mating farm and now he belonged to it too despite his refusal at first she soon convinces him with a passionate kiss..

She later arranges a dance before Puss who emerges with her moments after she and Puss dance and soon enough finally kiss he than pushes out his man hood and a little smoothing happens.

Trivia Edit

  • Salma Hayek has previously worked with Antonio Banderas on "Desperado" and "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" both directed by Robert Rodriguez, who has directed "Spy Kids", "Shorts", and "Machete".
  • Kitty's mask is based upon the DC Comics character Batman.

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