Love Interest

Full Name





Two Headed Shark Attack




Beauty, immense lust, seduction, charm


Cowering up to Dana for protection, saving herself


Get naked with Dana for protection and survive the Two Headed Shark (all failed)

Type of Love Interest

Villainous Love Interest

Kristen is the Love Interest of Dana from the horror/comedy 2-Headed Shark Attack. She is played by Ashley Bissing.


Kristen does very little in the film and she is just a satellite.

Earlier in the film, Kristen is shown to cower up to Dana for protection when they get on the island after being shipwrecked and when Professor Babish and others insult Dana, Kristen comes out and kisses her.

Then the Shark attacks Cole's boat and Kristen watches fearfully from shore and grabs Dana for protection.

Kristen watched lustfully as Dana wrapped a tourniquet round Professor Babish's leg when he cut himself. The atoll started being hit by earthquakes more often and they built a generator to distract the Shark from attacking.

Kristen managed to get sexual with Dana and when Professor Babish said the atoll was sinking because it was collapsing in on itself, Kristen got fearful and she fled with Dana into the jungle. However, the two ended up on a dock. Dana sexually leaned towards Kristen to kiss her and feel her sweaty skin, glad in their apparent victory, however the Shark had landed in the river after a tsunami and it leapt out and ate Dana in front of a terrified Kristen who watched in a last minute of horror before she too got eaten.


Kristen was the most cowardly person in the group, caring only about herself and her beauty and how much money and lust she'd get. Kristen was so cowardly she barely even spoke when Dana said they must be safe, just lusting after Dana silently. Unfortunately the two never got their planned kiss.


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