Love Interest

Full Name









Immense lust, beauty, obsession over vampires


Reading Twilight and lusting over vampires


Get with Robert and live as a vampire forever to save herself

Type of Love Interest

Sexy Love Interest, Damsel in Distress

Kristen is the Love Interest of Robert from Supernatural season 6. She was played by Elsie Gatien.


She was a college student who wanted to be a vampire after reading Twilight. She loved vampire porn and lusted after vampires a lot. Because of her lust she flunked college often.


Kristen was in a bar one evening when she was lusting after vampires. She showed a fake ID to get into the bar. A man named Robert appeared and said she wrote good poetry that he saw online. Kristen lusted after him at first sight and she reached to get her poems but she got a paper cut instead. Robert began acting as if he had a bloodlust. Seeing that Robert was acting weird, Kristen asked what was wrong but Robert made an excuse and hastily left.

Later, Kristen was at the bar again when Robert returned. He admitted he was in love with her and she also pledged her love to him. As they leaned together to kiss Robert showed her his fangs, proving he was a vampire rather than a human. Kristen immediately fell for him even more and in her lust asked if she could be turned into a vampire and would it even hurt. Robert said he could never hurt her.

Robert took Kristen to a dingy deserted building not far from the bar, and Kristen began to strip to make out with him but then she cowered in fear when the vampire leader jumped out and bit her.

Later, Kristen was recruited when she was turned into a vampire, to lure other humans as recruiters. Kristen was killed when the newly infected Dean Winchester slaughtered the vampire nest.


Kristen was a cowardly woman who only cared about her beauty. She could never do anything for herself and relied on constant protection.

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