"Kristin Marie awaaaaaaay!" ~Spoken before she flies into the sky. She also said before she flies away through the roof. 

"CJ, no need to worry"~Spoken before she carries CJ in her arms and fly away

Kristin Marie is CJ Porritt's presumed love interest (she can still kiss him as well). She is 28 years old and she stays at age 28. When she is 13, Kristin rescued a 3 year old CJ as he falls. She wears a white t shirt, black pattern shorts and red high heel shoes and no socks. She has brown hair and has Ashley Madekwe's look. Mrs. Athlete and CJ Porritt are her best friends.In the end of every fan films, Kristin Marie and Mrs. Athlete fly away after hugging CJ (she flies away, carrying CJ in the first and second fan film).


Kristin can fly at good speeds. She can carry CJ and fly at normal speeds. She can even levitate. Kristin Marie loves to carry her presumed lover, CJ and take him as she levitates in the sky. Kristin Marie can normally fly through the roof and into the sky (She can also do that while carrying CJ) When Kristin Marie flies away, she leaves a white trail behind her.CJ hugs Kristin when she is carrying him during flight. She can even survive and fly in the vacuum of space without anything.

Alt CostumesEdit

alt costume 1: White t shirt, black shorts and yellow high heels

alt costume 2: Red long sleeve shirt and jean shorts, brown sandals, black bag, wrist bracelets and earings

alt costume 3: white sleeveless shirt with a white jacket, jean shorts, black b short boots and a watch on her wrist.

alt costume 4: white t shirt, light blue jean shorts, brown sandals and a black bag.

alt costume 5: blue long sleeve shirt, black shorts, black shoes without socks. She has a watch, jewelery on her wrist, on her fingers, different long hair

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