Kurome is the love interest of Wave in the manga and anime series Akame ga Kill!. She is Akame's younger sister. Both of them were used as assassins by the Empire with Kurome being given drugs to enhance her abilities. Kurome has desired to kill her sister ever since she defected to Night Raid; a mutual feeling since Kurome refused Akame's offer to defect from the Empire together. Like her sister, Kurome is a skilled swordswoman and has a huge appetite for sweets. It is revealed that these sweets were in fact drugs and that she was addicted to them. Despite her quiet demeanor, Kurome reveals to Wave that she fears not being useful, since the Empire tends to dispose of anyone who is useless.  Cold to the others at first, Kurome ends up getting close to Wave, who swears to protect her with his life. Kurome never truly recovered from Chelsea's attempt to kill her, and she mentions that she "did not have much time left".

Her Teigu, "March of the Dead: Yatsufusa", is a katana that allows her to manipulate the corpses of up to eight her victims, with each additional corpse in her collection weakening her control proportionally.

She dies in the anime during her final fight with Akame. In the manga, Wave interferes with the duel, destroys Yatsufusa and promises to take care of Kurome. They kiss and leave together. They both retire and find had a happy ending together.

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