250px-Kyle Reese

Kyle Reese is the male protagonist in the 1984 movie, The Terminator. He is the love interest of Sarah Connor.

Reese was a soldier, who fought in the war against Skynet. The resistance that he fought for, was led by a man named John Connor. However, Skynet sent a Terminator to kill Sarah Conner (John Conner's mother). and that way John would never be born, and there would never be a resistance against Skynet. Therefore, John Conner sent Reese back to protect his mother from this Terminator. He handed Reese a picture of Sarah, and Reese finds her attractive.

Reese goes back in time, and helps Sarah escape from the Terminator. He tells her the story of the future, and how it is very important for her to live, and that the Terminator will stop at nothing until she is killed. 

After managing to hide for a day, Sarah and Reese end up in a hotel. The two make pipe bombs to stop the Terminator. Reese tells Sarah that ever since he saw her picture, he has loved her. Sarah and Reese then have sex, and conceive John. 

The Terminator then manages to catch up to the two of them. The Terminatot manages to kill Reese, but Sarah manages to destroy the Terminator by crushing it in a hydrolic presser.

In the second movie, Reese reappears in Sarah's dream, which shows that she still thinks of him.

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