Kyoko Otonashi 2
Kyoko Otonashi is the love interest of Yusaku Godai in the anime/manga series Maison Ikkoku.

She is a beautiful, 22-year-old widow who takes on the task of managing a broken-down boarding house. She lives in the manager's room. She is sweet and polite, but she also has a violent, frightening side that emerges when she is jealous or angry or dealing with her meddling and equaly stubborn parents. She soon develops affection for Godai, and has a tendency to dote over him (with the other tenants teasing her for acting like a "good wife") and becomes jealous around him (though she lies to herself and denies that it is jealousy). 

However, it is hard for her to forget about her late husband Soichiro, and her memories of her husband sometimes put her in a melancholy mood. Kyoko's love for him is sometimes reflected in dialogues with her dog, who bears the same name as her late husband. During her early days at Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko is accidentally embraced or touched by Godai; both times he was saving her from falling to her death. She believes Godai to be pure-heared and not a pervert, unlike the other tennats, who try warning her about him. She is two years older than Godai and a widow, which are two of the many reasons she worries toward the end of the series about whether she will be accepted as his fiancée. At the end of the manga and anime, she is happily married to Godai and a mother to their daughter, Haruka.

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