8x14 Lady

Lady Williams is a character from the sitcom, Scrubs. She is the love interest, and later wife, of The Janitor. 

Lady first appears in the episode My Own Worse Enemy, where the Janitor was bragging to J.D. about his new girlfriend, Lady. J.D. first assumes that this is one of Janitor's lies, but is soon proven wrong when he sees that Lady actually does exist, and is amazed at Janitor for buying her a necklace with her name on it.

Janitor and Lady are together for the remainder of the series. Janitor loved that somebody is finally able to see passed his craziness, including his love of taxidermy. She even allows him to continue to prank J.D. 

Lady loves Janitor, despite his weirdness, as he somehow managed to cure her fear of the unknown. Lady said that she was originally attracted to him, duie to her germaphobia, and he cleans germs for a living.

In My Soul On Fire, Lady and Janitor get married in the Bahamas. While it is true that they originally planned their wedding as a scam to get gifts, they eventually decided to go through with it, and have been happy ever since.